Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucky Girl

I am a lucky girl.

I get to share sharks with people from all over the world and all walks of life. Watching each person evolve from “ Eeeek I am swimming with sharks,” to “Wow, I am swimming with sharks, “ is an amazing rush. It usually only takes a few minutes of watching these incredible animals move through the water to create that evolution.

Sharks get a bad rap and people come into the situation with a lot of preconceived notions. Sharks will NOT attack just because you are menstruating, have a cut or are peeing in the water. In fact the only real attractant that we are going to introduce is some bait.

We all love our monsters and I suppose it is easy to get carried away thinking about a man-eating shark, massive anaconda or giant alligator that has somehow escaped from the movie set and it surely going to find you.

Even if people are nervous or scared, I love that they want so badly to see these animals up close and have their own experience. It is never easy to face our fears, but when we conquer them it is such a rush. I love when people respond with, “ why haven’t I done this before,” or “ when can I do this again.” Fear becomes excitement and excitement creates a connection to the animals. Now we have empathy and a new shark advocate is born. No, you do not have to run out and start protesting or be an expert; all you need to do is care about these animals and explain to friends and family why they are pretty damn awesome!

I always make reference to the fact that everyone has a voice and that it is quite simple to just speak up. Go home after your shark encounter and tell your friends and family, especially those that think you are out of your mind for even considering a swim with these monsters, and rave about the experience. Explain the beauty of a shark moving through the water. Yes, I said beauty. Talk about their eyes, their color, and their smile! Revel in the fact that you had a moment with one of Mother’s Natures most amazing creations.

I love every second that I can spend with sharks, but the rush of seeing someone fall in love with sharks for the first time might even rival that. I am responsible for creating that moment, the realization and that rush. I am not a shark expert, but I am a shark super fan and I am doing my best to create a small army of other shark fans around the world.

I am a lucky girl.

Thanks to Laura, Eric & Antoine for becoming the latest group of shark fans!

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  1. It's awesome to find other people that love sharks just as much as I do!