Friday, September 28, 2012

SHARK HUNT Down Under!!!

Australia is a modern country, but governmental decisions regarding great white sharks are archaic. In recent news, Western Australian State Premier Colin Barnett reported  the lives of people are valued above sharks. “This is, after all, a fish-let’s keep it in perspective.” Yes, Colin sharks are fish, but they are fish that are vital for the survival of the oceans. I am a shark lover, but the cold hard fact is oceans will die without sharks.
He reassures people the sharks will only be hunted if they, “pose a threat.” So is a shark swimming too close to a beach, according to government standards, a threat? Is a shark following a school of bait fish or other possible prey where its food sources are being depleted, a threat? This is absurd. Where are sharks supposed to go? The assumptions being made are any shark near a beach must have PEOPLE on its’ blood thirsty mind. We all know the saying about the word assume, “ it makes an ASS out of U and ME.” In this case the emphasis is on the “U,” being Western Australian law makers. Are we so superior in our intelligence and our rights to the planet, we can now read the minds of sharks and know that they are posing a threat? Seriously?
Australia is across the world from where I live, but this mentality runs rampant across cultures and countries. No matter where in the world you are, this thinking pattern is unacceptable. Killing sharks is not the answer. The world is killing as many as they can for profit and all it is doing is damaging our oceans, thus proving that killing is not the answer.
If you live in Australia, I suggest sending emails, letters and calling you representatives and voicing your concerns. You have a responsibility to protect the ocean and you have a voice.


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  1. Last week I watched the movie "Jaws" again for the first time in years. That movie still, after more than 25 years, has a lot to do with how people feel about sharks.
    The author, Peter Benchly, says he would never have written the book if he knew what he knows now about sharks.
    I hope the Australian government gets its act together before it's too late.

  2. Typical idiot in a government position. All talk and no brains. How about we just boycott Australia all together?