Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Win for Sharks

For nearly a year, a massive campaign to protect sharks in the Bahamas has been gaining momentum. Last week the hard work paid off, as the Minister of the Environment announced that legislation will be established to ban the export of sharks and shark products from the Bahamas.

The Bahamas National Trust was at the forefront of the push, gathering momentum from 5000 islanders along with PEW and numerous other shark and conservation organizations.
The Bahamas are home to a very healthy shark population, drawing scientists, divers and film crews from across the globe. They will stand to set a strong example of how powerful people can be when they unite for a common goal.

In my opinion, the islands of the Bahamas offer some of the most amazing underwater experiences in the world. From sunken shipwrecks encrusted in brightly colored corals to 14 ft tiger sharks, dense mangrove mazes and blue holes disappearing into the abyss; it is truly an underwater paradise. I am fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time there and consider the islands a second home. We were thrilled to provide photos and video footage for the campaign to push for the protection of these incredible animals. We will continue to do our best in offering conservation media to educate people about why sharks are so important for our oceans and for our future.

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  1. We recently had a swimmer swim the 80 or so miles between two islands. On the way, her "safety team" killed all the sharks they encountered. I think her record should not stand because they killed the sharks.
    It is amazing the difference of perspective between divers and non divers concerning sharks.
    The fishermen just want to kill them as evil. They are very ignorant, and resistant to education.