Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Key West Fishing Tournament is SHARK FREE

The decision is described as, " landmark," and it is truly a step in the right direction. The 8 month long tournament announced on February 10 that it will not include weights for ANY sharks during the tournament. They will only accept released sharks. This is a great improvement, but the sad part is that many of those, " released," sharks will most likely die. Being reeled into a boat can be extremely stressful on the animal, with some species more susceptible than others. If the fisherman is not aware of the sharks condition or how to swim a shark to revive them, the animals will most likely drown. It is wonderful news that sharks will not be strung up on docks as mere weight added in for a win, but there are still great strides to be made. Kudos to Key West for making a move in the right direction.

Key West Fishing Tournament

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  1. I was a volunteer for a fishing tournament here. If the fishermen caught a shark, we rushed over in our boat and tagged it and released it. They didn't catch any sharks my day and I just spent the day on the boat