Friday, October 28, 2011

Palmer Trinity Student Outreach

My hectic schedule does not allow me to get into classrooms as often as I would like, so when I get the chance it means the world to me. On October 27, I headed to Palmer Trinity School in Miami to speak to 5 classes of 6th graders. This is one of favorite ages to speak to because they are starting to question the reality of media, movie and Internet stories. They have a basic understanding of ocean ecosystems and can grasp the devastation that is caused by slaughtering sharks across the globe.

Living in Florida many of them have been lucky enough to see sharks and one of the students had been cage diving in South Africa. The excitement and energy is infections and always gives me new inspiration for projects, articles and programs.
When the students filter into the room, I love the, “ aw, yes! Sharks. I love sharks.” I know many of them have parents that fish and that have probably caught sharks. I hope that their excitement travels home and makes mom, dad or another family member think about their actions and if it is really worth it. I always remind them that even though they are young there are lots of things they can do to help the environment.

Many of them talked about watching shark documentaries including Sharkwater, snorkeling with their families, recycling and doing beach cleanups. It is reminder that whatever age, you can make a difference. Each person DOES count.

Thank you Dr. Naigle, Miss Winn and Palmer Trinity School for encouraging your students to think about the world around them and find ways to actively protect it.

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  1. You are now officially one of my "Living Heroes".
    If I had followed the path I wanted to follow, instead of the one I thought my parents wanted to follow, I would be more like you.