Friday, May 25, 2012

Sharky Island Girl Yummies: Part 1

Living on a small island with limited access to supplies can be challenging. If the weather is bad the boat cannot bring things across and fresh produce only arrives once a week. We eat mostly vegan or vegetarian, which can be even more of a challenge. I have a lot of fun coming up with yummy meals and wanted to share a few of my recipes. I have borrowed a few ideas and changed them, but most of the recipes are right out of this Shark girl’s imagination.
Bon Appetite!

Black Bean & Split Pea Veggie Burgers with Guacamole:

Being back on the island our grocery options are limited and a bit pricey. I wanted to make a batch of veggie burgers, but could not find any lentils and chickpeas were pretty expensive. I grabbed a can of black beans and a bag of split peas to see what I could do. The split peas look like lentils, so I figured why not.

What You Need:

1 Can Black Beans ( 12oz)
1 Bag of Split peas ( 12oz)
1 large onion
1.5 C bread crumbs
1 egg
2 cloves garlic
Seasoning (I used garlic salt)
Salt & Pepper
1 large avocado (Florida) or 2 small Haas avocados
Juice from half a lime
1 TB Garlic salt
Cayenne pepper or hot sauce ( optional)

To Make Burgers:

Soak the split peas over night or heat on low for 40 minutes with enough water to cover the peas. Cook until soft.
Preheat the oven to 375 F
Rinse black beans and sauté with garlic, onion and seasoning
Add in split peas and mix. Combine with breadcrumbs and egg. Mix. Add more crumbs if too moist
Place mixture in fridge to cool
Mold mixture into patties
Dry fry for 1-2 minutes on each side
Back for 20-25 minutes depending on the size of the burger
Makes 8 burgers

To Make Guacamole:

Remove avocado flesh from skin and place in bowl
Mash with fork or blend in food processor
Add lime juice and garlic salt and mix

Top burgers with guacamole and enjoy! For a real treat serve on a slice of toasted Bimini bread!!

Healthy No Bake Cookies

No bake because I had no baking soda or baking powder, so I had to improvise.
The recipe called for cocoa powder, but didn’t have that either. These were a gamble, but they are super yummy!

3 c quick oats
¼ chocolate protein powder
½ peanut butter
½ cup soy milk ( I also use almond milk)
1 large ripe banana
¼ c light brown sugar

Mash the banana. In a small pan heat the peanut butter and soy milk into boiling. Turn off and mix thoroughly. Add protein powder, sugar and banana. Mix. Trasnfer to a bowl and add in the oats. Mix until all oats are coated in the peanut butter mixture. Scoop onto a plate in whatever size cookie you want. Put in refrigerator for 20 minutes, if you can wait that long.

Coconut Cream Pie with Lime Banana Glaze

Adapted from my lovely yogi friend Brittany’s recipe.
This pie is a labor of love, but definitely a nice treat.


I used corn flakes, but I am going to try ginger snaps
2 cups corn flakes
1 large ripe banana
1 tbsp agave nectar
Smash cornflakes or cookies in a bag or in food processor. Mash the banana. Mix banana, crumbs and agave together until it forms a doughy mass. Press mass into bottom of cake pan. You can leave as is (raw) or bake until golden brown ( 350 F for 15 mins )

Flesh from 3 medium coconuts (I had a nice husband to shuck them for me)
½ cup coconut water
½ cup almond milk (can use soy)
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp agave nectar

Blend all ingredients in blender or food processor until you get a thick cream. Should be like yogurt in consistency. Spread across crust and put in freezer.


Juice from 1 large lime or 1.5 smaller limes
1-1.5 Ripe bananas
1 tbsp agave
Mix all in blender or food processor. Pour onto top of coconut mix. Place in freezer for 2 hours to set. After set it can be refrigerated. Enjoy a healthy and decadent treat!

Vegan Island Ceviche

1 large white onion
1 large tomato
1 large green pepper
2 TBSP garlic salt
1 large lime
Hot sauce

Dice onion, tomato and pepper into small pieces and mix in bow. Add juice of one lime. Add garlic salt and hot sauce to taste. Mix and serve.

Vegan Apple Crumble

1 C oats
1 large apple
1 large ripe banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 TBSP Agave nectar

2 TBSP cinnamon

Combine ingredients and spread on baking dish. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Kalik Braised Cabbage with Black Bean Salsa:

¼ of a green cabbage
1 can black beans
½ large onion
1 large tomato
2 stalks celery
2 TBSP diced garlic
1TBSP Cumin
Salt to taste
¼ C Kalik ( local Bahamian Beer)
Hot Sauce ( optional)

Slice cabbage and place in large fry pan. Add beer and steam on high until cabbage is tender. Dash with salt or garlic salt.
Rinse black beans thoroughly. Chop onion and celery into small pieces. Add a dash of beer to the pan and sauté garlic and diced onion for 2 minutes. Add celery and black beans. Bring to a boil then simmer for 5 to 7 minutes. Add tomatoes and simmer for 2 more minutes. Add more beer or water if needed. Add cumin, salt and hot sauce. Mix.
Put cabbage in bowl and top with salsa.


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