Friday, July 27, 2012

Shark Killing Vigilante- Just What the World Needs

Enio Regis Biela is a self-proclaimed vigilante in a race to protect the human race from its eminent doom at the hands or mouths of sharks. He believes that in order for people to sleep soundly in their beds, he must rid the ocean of man-eating sharks Yes, that’s right, this man has gone on a shark- killing spree because he believes sharks will wipe out the human race if we do not wipe them out first. Nope, I am not making this up, but I wish I were. Shocking that such blatant stupidity still runs rampant in a world where environmental issues have become mainstream. I do not believe that ignorance is the sole culprit at the heart of this ridiculous situation. He may be blind to the reality of global shark devastation, but I do believe that he is completely ignorant. Ignorance is no longer a viable excuse in my book. Not everyone may be aware of the extent to which sharks are in trouble, but I am sure they have caught a news show, internet post or magazine article at some point. The world is a small place and the Internet is continuously making it smaller. We have access to a great deal of knowledge, albeit that some is complete crap, but we do have access.

I wonder if Enio believe his own conviction or if it is a ploy for attention. Maybe he is doing it to spite some, “tree hugging granola eating hippies that care about the planet?” Whatever the reason the outcome is unacceptable. Along with conservationists I am guessing that local fisherman are probably disgusted with the waste. I know in Bimini the locals were angered by weekend warriors cutting out the jaws of bull sharks and then throwing them back. They were wasting the whole animal that could feed a lot of people. I am not a supporter of fishing for sharks at all, but if the animal is dead at least make use of it.

I am sure by now, with the ever-growing power of social media, Mr. Biela is getting an ear full about his actions. I hate Facebook, but I also love it for this reason. I can reach out to a lot of my passionate friends who may not know a lot about sharks, but will definitely have something to say about this disgrace. Even if you do not want to jump in and swim with sharks, most people do not want to see them tortured. Look how small the sharks at his feet are. They are juvenile bull sharks that will never get the chance to reach breeding age. His conquest will no longer be quiet, as the release of this image has no doubt catalyzed a campaign against his stupidity and blatant disregard for life and the oceans.

Below is my message to Mr. Biela. I was not able to send it because his page no longer exists. In less than 24 hours I imagine the spread of his disgusting action has caused him to rethink, at least his heroic exploits via the Internet. We will be watching for his page to go live again and will not stop spreading the word.

Mr. Biela:
I am a concerned ocean advocate writing to you in regards to pictures that were posted on the Internet. Sharks are vital for our oceans survival and by no means is killing them the answer. If human were truly in danger of super predation by sharks then swimmers around the world would be wiped out. Sharks do not consider humans food. This is a scientific fact. Yes, attacks do happen, but most can be explained and possibly prevented. The media, leaving the truth out because it is not as flashy, exaggerates the stories. The juvenile bull sharks you have slaughtered pose no threat to humans, so in fact you are contradicting the goal of your vigilante mission. You are teaching those around you that merciless slaughter is acceptable. You have the right to hate sharks for whatever reason you deem worthy, although I doubt you have any reason ground in reality, you do not have the right to slaughter these animals.
I hope you think about all the letters and statements that you are undoubtedly receiving and ask yourself if this is really how you want to live your life. I have no doubt that you solo quest to save humans will be halted, but it would be an amazing thing if you chose to stop on your own accord.


  1. An idiot broadcasting his idiocy.

  2. Well written, Jillian. I believe that social media and its far-spreading influence will bring results here. 2 weeks ago the outcry was about a boat charter in Cyprus who took tourists out to indiscriminately fish for sharks- once again with no bag limit & once again they were juvies. The uproar got the media involved & laws will be revised there.
    Wherever this happens, we should always be ready to put the pressure on and social media is probably our best tool.

  3. Excellent article, and thank you for taking the time to denounce this revolting behaviour,

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