Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coastal Angler: Cudos for Shark Killing

I was recently flipping through a copy of Coastal Angler while waiting at the airport in Bimini. I was shocked to find an article on killing thresher sharks from your kayak on page 5. This is frustrating and disappointing because this issue is designated for the Bahamas, a country now proud to be a shark sanctuary. I was also disappointed to see that several Shark Free Marinas had ads in the bag of the mag. I honestly believe they would be frustrated to see such dribble on the pages. Here is my letter to the editor. Please check out their page and send your own letter or use mine as a template. Ignorance is no longer an excuse and this garbage needs to stop being published. Email: editorial@coastalanglermagazine.com
To the Editor: I recently grabbed a copy of the magazine while waiting at the airport in Bimini and was extremely disgusted by the article on killing thresher sharks from kayaks. Sharks are threatened across the globe and the Bahamas is now a shark sanctuary. I know much of this issue reflects Florida fishing, but “The Bahamas,” is written in bold across the front page. If this is a magazine for, “ The Bahamas,” then it should reflect and respect the conservation efforts that have been put forth. Are you aware that many of the marinas in the Bahamas do not allow fisherman to land sharks or fish for sharks within the marina? There is no reason to catch and kill these animals other than the self-proposed glory that people define by killing such a magnificent animal. Have you ever considered an article about shark conservation, education and outreach? I have found that magazines like GAFF and Saltwater Sportsman are keen to promote sustainability and conservation. Not everyone may want to hear the fact that sharks are in trouble, but they need to. It also offers people information to think about and make changes for the future of the ocean. I am not anti fishing, but I am against the unnecessary and wasteful slaughter of sharks. As a magazine that exists because of fishing, you must understand that healthy oceans are vital if people want to continue to fish. We need sharks to keep our oceans healthy. Promote their survival and you are ensuring a future for fishing and for your magazine. Cheers, Jillian

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  1. Just when I think shark conservation worldwide is starting to sink in, I hear about something like this. Damn.