Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day Rain and Reflection

The rain is intense here today, but with all the warm weather I think the Earth needs it. It is beautiful to watch the cleansing on this very appropriate day. It reminds us that Mother Nature has ways of healing and we must keep hope. All the problems with the environment can be overwhelming and it is difficult not to feel suffocated. Take a breath and find one simple thing that you can do. Embrace it, own it, love it and share it. We were blessed with an incredible wedding one week ago and I am still glowing. We were able to share Bimini and the sharks we love with our family and friends. Many of our friends have spent a lot of time with sharks, but for many this was their first experience. I am so proud of my aunt Paula who made her way, a bit hesitant, to the shark pens at the Sharklab and took the time to learn about sharks. She proudly reported to me that she no longer hates all sharks. She had learned how important they are and why the oceans need them. This was an amazing moment for her, for me and for our oceans. She will return to Alabama and no doubt share her adventure and change some opinions. I am so thrilled that she had this moment and hopefully next time I will have her swimming with a few of them. It is incredible what having a personal encounter can do in the fight to change perception. If you have never seen a shark, then my Earth Day wish is that you go find one. Go for a snorkel, book a dive, learn to dive or visit an marine lab near you. Thank you to our friends and family for entering our world with open minds and open hearts. I am so thankful and proud of all of you. Sitting in the rain and reflecting on this incredible time in my life........

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  1. This post gave me the warm fuzzies!
    Who got married? You?